Our Approach

  • To Create and Innovate Sustainable Solutions for Societies through Technology Convergence and Collaborative Approaches
  • Market driven Solution creation as opposed to Product driven Market creation
  • Policy Advocacy for Innovation and Solution creation, both at State and National level in areas which impact societies positively.
  • Diagnose and predict the health of a city through Urban Techtonix (Urban Management and Planning tool developed by VTA)
  • Establishing Joint and Strategic partnerships with global firms which drive Research, Development and Innovation in areas for Water, Energy, Healthcare, Environment & Pollution, Sanitation & Waste
  • Leveraging contract manufacturing and utilizing the assets of Small and Medium Scale sectors in India as opposed to creating new assets
  • Building adaptable and scalable Innovative solutions for implementation in Urban areas and Smart cities. Multiple domain experts will help build these solutions
  • Building a deep understanding of converged Technologies and assessment of market feasibility for Indian markets
  • Building an Organization of passionate and committed people with the highest levels of Integrity.
  • Building a Mentoring and Coaching Organization to provide targeted interventions to groups of individuals in the key areas of Leadership, Technology, Team-Building, Business Performance, Career, Healthcare, Environmental Impacts and Startups & Innovations. These individuals will influence and drive positive economic, social and behavioral changes in societies.
  • Enhancing the Corporate sectors role by enabling them to execute responsible CSR programs under Environmental Sustainability initiatives. Utilizing unified modelling and diagnostic tools for Urban areas such as Urban Techtonix (developed by Valluri Technology Accelerators) that can provide forecasted models and impact assessments for effective decision making in the areas of Environment, Energy, Infrastructure, Traffic and Water.

Contact US

111, Brigade IRV, Nallurhalli, Whitefield, Bangalore 560 066, Karnataka, India