Valluri Technology Accelerators to deploy the first Air Pollution Forecasting Application for the city of Bengaluru in Karnataka, India

Valluri Technology Accelerators (VTA), Bangalore will commence the deployment of the first Air Quality Forecasting initiative for the city of Bengaluru. Developed in collaboration with the European Commission & its partner Organizations and Karnataka State Pollution Control Board. VTA’s forecasting application, called Urban Techtonix”, will generate and visualize Air Pollution Forecasts for possible scenarios over a four-day window. (

This project is set to introduce multiple benefits and unique insights to Environmental Control authorities and other users. Satellite imagery capturing emissions from various sources, along with other data inputs help Urban Techtonix deliver pollution forecasts even in areas not being monitored by sensors or environmental stations. VTA worked closely with KSPCB to ensure that the forecasting algorithms consider emissions from construction, vehicular traffic and other sources to deliver emission forecasts of Particulate Matter and other pollutants accurately.

The initiative will introduce a new and cost-effective approach towards environmental control processes by demonstrating an analytics-based strategy that reduces dependency on expensive monitoring stations and equipment. This project will be closely observed and evaluated for replication in cities across the country. As a part of this project, VTA’s Urban Techtonix application will be integrated with KSPCB’s official website to ensure that these insights are available to citizens and stakeholders throughout India.

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