Valluri Technology Accelerators (VTA) recognized as one of the 20 most promising Smart City Solution Providers

CIO Review Smart City Special August 2018

Valluri Technology Accelerators: Converging Technologies for Smarter and Greener Cities

Forward-thinking cities, smart city solution providers and system integrators recognize that in order to realize the full value of IoT cities one must not deliver disparate smart city point solutions, but rather enable a secure and scalable IoT infrastructure that integrates multiple systems. Based out of Bangalore, Valluri Technology Accelerators (VTA) focuses on developing solutions targeted on better utilization of Data Analytics for the generation of Predictive Intelligence. Presently, VTA is the only organization in India to offer integrated and converged solutions in the areas such as environmental health, water, public safety, disaster management, and infrastructure assessment.

Venkatesh Valluri CIO Review

The nascent Smart City market in India requires organizations to act as System Integrators to provide various technologies as determined by the municipalities and other ULBs. VTA is focused on ensuring , that System Integrators bring in relevant, high quality technologies for these initiatives by providing in depth technical expertise and state of the art analytical solutions and tools. Following this Smart Cities initiative, VTA is committed to aiding the strategic development and creation of new and improved cities across the country. By designing and facilitating the implementation of various smart solutions and technologies, the company is assisting to maintain the balance amongst employment, habitation, economic and social development. “This will vastly reduce the pressure on existing urban infrastructure, and will boost employability and urban efficiency across India”, asserts Venkatesh Valluri, Founder & Chairman, VTA.

Data Backed Water Pollution Check

Presently, the mismanagement of water resources has put an enormous strain on India’s economy. Venkatesh explains how water quality and effluent treatment are sectors where VTA’s intelligent data analytics solutions can be utilized to forecast pollution generation in specific areas. The solutions conduct an in-depth source apportionment of pollutants and map the pathways by which effluents enter affected water bodies. This enables decision makers to understand the situation backed by relevant data regarding the quantity and type of pollution being emitted by individual industries and entities. All this accounts for VTA’s contribution in developing a culture of responsibility towards energy and environmental resource utilization. A similar process of assessment can be applied for air pollution too.

Leveraging its partnerships with global and national organizations, VTA endeavors to bring in IoT enabled devices and structures, such as smart poles, smart lighting, air quality sensors, urban flooding sensors, traffic management systems, public Wi-Fi. Besides its inclination to deliver advanced integrated analytics based solutions, VTA objectively works to build a converged modeling solution that incorporates cutting edge correlative analytics to provide clients with a unified city management solution. For the same cause, VTA has ventured into developing a city dashboard that could allow municipal officers and key stakeholders to visualize and predict failures in city infrastructure, design of urban structures, and make a cost/sustainability analysis.

The company also intends to provide access to services based on correlative analytics developed by its proprietary tools. Through its solutions, VTA aims to bring accountability, safety and accessibility to data and the infrastructure domain by delivering robust predictive intelligence and insight to decision makers.

Valluri Technology Accelerators is developing  modelling and analytical solutions by engaging with multiple technology providers who operate in the domains of data acquisition, data analytics, cloud storage, visualization, environmental research, water & disaster management, public health & safety, energy efficiency, and infrastructure design & execution.


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