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‘Tellivi’ – Air Pollution Associated Health Risk Assessment for Individuals Launched by VTA

Tellivi Urban Techtonix

Valluri Technology Accelerators has just launched its new platform – ‘Tellivi,’ which allows a user to assess their personal health risks due to pollution. Tellivi uses the pollution forecasting application, Urban Techtonix, to identify local air pollution levels as well as the user’s history of illness, lifestyle and the demographic they belong to, to build a […]

The Pollution Demon and What We Can Do About It

Industrial Pollution

“Grow Now, Clean Up Later” Just Won’t Work Indians are drowning, choking and gasping in a miasma of pollution. Our waterbodies, cities, towns, villages – even the very air we breathe – are increasingly getting more fetid due to the negligence and ignorance of our crushing population. The single word “pollution” is an umbrella term […]

“Air pollution can increase the strength of cyclones formation over the Pacific Ocean!”

Air Pollution

Air pollution does not adhere to international borders. A statistical modeling to calculate the effect of air pollution on the storm formation trends over the pacific, conducted by the research team of Texas A&M showed that air pollution has powerful consequences for cyclone formation. Pollution from China is spreading contaminants to the West Coast in […]

Sensor Based Sorting Of Waste

  Waste Segregation has become more complex than it was a few years back – it is no longer just paper, plastic, and glass but it contains multi-layer packaging and other composite waste as well. Recycling can only take place when waste is segregated. As the amount of waste keeps increasing the number of people […]

VTA partners with PHFI and AHPI to develop correlative and predictive analytics between Environmental Pollution and Public Health

VTA, PHFI, Valluri Technology Accelerators

Valluri Technology Accelerators, Public Health Foundation of India and Association of Healthcare Providers (India) collaborate to help build a Public Health Profile for urban and semi-urban areas across India. The partnership aims to develop advanced algorithms and analytical solutions which will assess the correlation between Environmental Pollution and its impact on the Public Health in […]

Fossil Fuels: Pollution and Solutions

Fossil Fuels

Today air pollution has become the bane of human existence. Most cities around the world have unacceptable levels of air quality; recently Beijing had to issue a pollution red alert as a relief measure to its citizens who were literally choking with every breath. Fossil Fuels Rule Fossil fuels like petroleum, coal and natural gas, […]

Role of Technology in Waste Management

  Inadequate waste management has made garbage among the topmost crises in urban India. The malaise has spread from tier-1 metros all the way down to the smallest towns, often making our public spaces hotbeds of pollution and infection. Waste contaminates our streets, open areas, and waterways. It chokes our drains and when burnt, pollutes […]

Valluri Technology Accelerators signs pact with GE Water, India

  We are pleased to inform that Valluri Technology Accelerators (VTA) has signed a business cooperation agreement with GE Water, India. GE Water offers a comprehensive set of chemical and equipment solutions and services, helping their customers manage and optimize water resources and process challenges across industries and municipalities. GE Water brings together advanced technologies […]