Valluri Technology Accelerators Launches the First Integrated Application of Environmental Pollution Forecast and the Associated Health Risk Assessment for Individuals

VTA’s Environmental pollution forecasting application, Urban Techtonix”, generates and visualizes Air Pollution Forecasts for possible episodes over a four-day window. –  

This application has introduced multiple benefits and unique insights to Environmental Control authorities and other users. Satellite imagery capturing emissions from various sources, along with other data inputs help Urban Techtonix deliver pollution forecasts even in areas not being monitored by sensors or environmental stations.

Tellivi Urban Techtonix

Based on the forecasting outcomes delivered through Urban Techtonix, VTA has now launched a new tool, Tellivi” which allows the user to assess his or her personal health risks due to pollution.  The lack of understanding about the implications of pollution and its effect on human beings has exposed the population to a greater health risk. 

There is an immediate need to translate the concept of pollution from being a policy level issue to a personal issue. Tellivi” was borne out of this crisis. Using forecasted air quality data and specially designed user specific data inputs, Tellivi” can provide a tailor-made evaluation of individualized health risk assessment. The solution was conceived along with the Public Health Foundation of India. PHFI unites some of the world’s most renowned public health specialists, teachers, trainers, researchers and practitioners. Currently, the service is limited to the citizens of Bangalore, but it is intended to expand this usage across the entire Nation.

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