Race to renewable: five developing countries ditching fossil fuels

Costa Rica, Afghanistan, China, India and Albania are all embracing renewable energy sources – five experts give their opinion on what the future holds

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Costa Rica
Costa Rica is well on its way to becoming the first developing country to have 100% renewable electricity.

Ironically, some of Afghanistan’s most challenging characteristics support the growth of renewable energy.

China has emerged as the world’s renewables superpower in less than a decade of highly focused development – the country is the world’s largest producer and user of renewable energy technologies.

With more than 20% of India’s population currently coping without access to electricity, the government has promised to provide all households with constant power supply before the next national election in 2019.

Albania, a small country of 2.77 million inhabitants, has big potential and an exciting future for renewable energy. Albania has among the highest number of sunshine hours per year in Europe.

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