Improving Societies by addressing challenges at the Base of the Pyramid

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Valluri Technology Accelerators will address the 2018 BoP Global Network Summit being held in New Delhi between April 18th and 20th, 2018. The BoP Global Network Summit will be represented by Leading Companies and Experts from around the world who will discuss and present innovative strategies for the Base of Pyramid markets. For the first time in the country, VTA will unveil the platform strategy on how to build low-cost tailor made “Smart-Wards” in urban areas through a technology-convergence approach.

The BoP Global Network Summit focuses around three emerging strategies to more effectively reach the Base of the Pyramid:

  • Beyond Environmental Degradation: BoP Circular Economy Strategies
  • Beyond Pipelines: BoP Platform Strategies
  • Beyond Selling to the Poor: BoP Market Engagement Strategies

All three strategies hinge on creative ways to build more effective ecosystems and networks. Plenary and working group sessions will discuss and take action on the following five elements critical to the advancement of each strategy:

PAYOFF: How can the strategy be designed in a way that the stakeholders reap the necessary financial and non–financial returns?

PARTNERS: Who are the key actors and organizations to be involved in the network and ecosystem for this strategy?

CAPABILITIES: What new skills and capabilities are required for companies to successfully pursue this strategy?

IMPACT: How can this strategy be developed to ensure that the results are net positive for society and the environment?

INSIGHT: What new insights will be needed to move this strategy forward in the future?

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