“Air pollution can increase the strength of cyclones formation over the Pacific Ocean!”

Air pollution does not adhere to international borders. A statistical modeling to calculate the effect of air pollution on the storm formation trends over the pacific, conducted by the research team of Texas A&M showed that air pollution has powerful consequences for cyclone formation. Pollution from China is spreading contaminants to the West Coast in the US. The model showed that air pollution has a far-reaching effect on cyclone formation by increasing the precipitation over the North west pacific by over 7%.

Air Pollution

In China, air pollution is caused by goods manufactured in China for exports to the USA. China’s weaker environmental regulations allow companies to produce cheap goods. An estimated 36 percent of manmade sulfur dioxide, 27 percent of nitrogen oxide, 22 percent of carbon monoxide and 17 percent of black carbon over China are the result of manufacturing goods for export, since primary air pollution is caused due to emissions from factories in China.

As far as India is concerned, it is one of the bottom five countries in the world in terms of environmental performance. It is ranked 177 among 180 countries this year. Global Environmental Performance Index(EPI) was released by Yale University and Columbia University in collaboration with the world economic forum. The report ranks the countries on 24 indicators across 10 categories.

Measures to curb environmental pollution need to be taken by governments and individuals on a personal level. Disincentives for causing environmental pollution, treatment of harmful gases before they are released into the atmosphere etc. may be some of the ways to reduce our carbon footprint.




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