Converge. Create. Change

Our Organization believes in converging diverse technologies, processes and people practices through a collaborative approach, thereby creating solutions that can drive positive changes in societies. Innovations and new technologies are revolutionizing the way in which societies function and operate. As a result, Industry is now required to develop a new generation of leaders who embrace and drive sustainability practices aggressively, focus on efficient resource utilization and yet create profitable enterprises.

The technology arm of the organization is focused on addressing environmental and urban challenges facing today’s world, by adopting the principles of circular economy. The company along with its partners operates and builds solutions in the areas of Air, Water, Energy, Traffic and Public Health.

The foundation activities of the Organization focus on providing Mentoring, Coaching and Business Engagement and Enhancement strategies to leaders in organizations. This will in turn drive positive changes in societies.

The combination of these two practices allows us to contribute in creating a better future.

Our Companies

Valluri Technology Accelerators leverages Predictive and Correlative Analytics to deliver forecasts, impact assessments and a variety of intelligence which can aid environmental and urban decision-making processes. To ensure effective deployment of these solutions, VTA has designed an unique, cost-effective and a replicable Urban Development program that can be customized to meet the diverse needs of various locations in India and abroad.
VTA has two core solution offerings:

Urban Techtonix: It is a web-based software decision support system that provides actionable intelligence on Environment pollution and Public Health. Urban Techtonix combines correlative and predictive analytics with intelligent data modeling to deliver these impactful insights.

Smart Ward: This concept is an innovative, cost-effective and replicable urban development solution. The Smart Ward utilizes advanced analytics-based technologies which effectively address problems in the domains of Air, Water, Energy, Traffic and Public Health.

Valluri Change Foundation engages in providing Corporate Mentoring and Coaching Programs and Business Engagement and Enhancement Strategies across diverse set of areas for Organizations.

Corporate Mentoring and Coaching is provided by global leaders and domain experts in targeted areas such as Leadership, Team-Building, Business Performance, Start Ups & Innovation, Career Management, Technology and Environmental Impacts for Senior Leaders and Managers. Business Engagement and Enhancement Strategies for Organizations include Management and Advisory services, Leadership Alignment and Development, Process Improvements and Productivity Enhancements, Globalization Strategies and Execution, Growth Strategies and Execution, Technology Adoption Interventions, Sustainability & Responsible Business Engagement through interim Management services.

These interventions, when applied with an execution focus drive positive societal change through economic and social value creation.

When did the future switch from being a promise to being a threat?

Converge. Create. Change

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