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Our Organization believes in bringing technologies together through a Collaborative Approach, thereby creating solutions that drive positive changes in societies. Dynamic innovations and new technologies are revolutionizing the way in which societies function and approach issues. As a result, the Industry needs to become extremely efficient in terms of resource utilization and productivity to combat the various challenges facing the world today. The Valluri group aims to innovate and provide sustainable low cost solutions suited to local markets in various fields such as Energy, Water, Healthcare, Environment and Waste through convergence of technologies.

ValluriOrg also actively engages in Mentoring & building Environmental Sustainability initiatives.

Mentoring is provided for targeted groups of individuals who are in Managerial and Leadership positions in organizations. These individuals must have the ability to influence and effect positive societal change. This unique mentoring initiative is executed by leveraging the experiences of global leaders and domain experts.

Environmental Sustainability initiatives are undertaken by the Company, through convergence of disparate technologies and creating solutions to address societal problems. These include tackling air and water pollution, assessing energy efficiencies providing diagnosis for urban infrastructure health and many other urban issues, thereby aiding the decision makers in developing robust planning and management tools. Organizations leverage their CSR initiatives by collaborating with us to build a sustainable and healthy environment for the societies.

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Valluri Technology Accelerators creates and builds sustainable and innovative solutions through technology convergence and collaborative approaches in the areas of Environment, Energy, Water, Healthcare and Infrastructure. VTA endeavors to bring in domain expertise by partnering with national as well global organizations to provide converged solutions.

VTA has also developed an intelligent Urban Planning and Management tool – Urban Techtonix. It provides an effective decision-support system for Urban Planners and Civic authorities involved in the planning and development of Smart cities and Urban areas.

Valluri Change Foundation engages in Providing Mentoring & Coaching Initiatives and creating Environmental Sustainable solutions that impact the quality of life positively.

Mentoring and Coaching is provided in targeted areas of Leadership, Team Development, Business Performance, Technology, Environmental Impacts, Healthcare, Career and Startups & Innovation for groups and individuals in organizations to drive positive change. Mentoring and Coaching is carried out by global leaders and domain experts.

Environmental Sustainable solutions are provided by leveraging multiple technologies and converging them to create targeted interventions for urban and rural areas. "Urban Techtonix"(a solution developed by Valluri Technology Accelerators), delivers forecasted models in the areas of Environment, Energy, Infrastructure, Traffic and Water. The tool delivers information on public health predictions, urban heat mapping, green house gas emissions and other key parameters. These areas when addressed through appropriate technologies aid in improving the sustainability of the society.

Valluri Change Foundation leverages such tools and works with Corporates in deploying their CSR investments towards creating a positive impact in the society.

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Converge. Create. Change

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